“TreeHouse is an amazing community! Our daughter truly loved it there. We recently moved out of state and miss the opportunity she had there to learn while exploring nature and having her creativity nurtured.”
“Treehouse Rocks!” ~Corina
“Miss Emily, words can’t describe how grateful Claire and I are that the universe brought us together and that Treehouse is a reality.  We feel so blessed to be a part of this wonderful family.”

“Thank you to everyone that has worked so hard to make Treehouse what it is.   Having Treehouse as a place to allow Elliot to grow in love, laughter, creativity, exploration, respect, nature, (and did I say love??)  is is truly a dream come true for Claire and I. When I think of the experiences that I want for Elliot to have as he grows up I can’t think of anything better than what Treehouse is providing him.  More than just a place for our children though, I feel Treehouse is a gift to us the parents as well.  Its a place for us all to come together to learn from each other as well.  I am so thrilled to have this community and I couldn’t imagine life without.”

“Thanks again to everyone for making Treehouse possible!!!!”

“Simply Gorgeous campus and lovely, dedicated staff!”

(Timbernook Miami)

“Tree house has a been an answer to a prayer for us. We could not ask for a better program for our son. It is beyond amazing to know that he spends his time away from us with the extraordinary team of like minded people that love him, in nature, expanding holistically mind, body, emotions and spirit! Not to mention the incredible children who are adding so much color to his life!”
“It has been a true honor to get to be a teacher and parent at Treehouse Learning over these past couple of years. It is quite beautiful to witness the children getting to form such sweet, intimate connections with Mother Nature and the way that she helps strengthen and nurture the amazing qualities that live within each and every one of the children. There is always a magical adventure peeking through the clouds in the sky, up a tree, over in the forest or even being held in the whispers of the wind. Our daughter who is in the kindergarten awakens every morning excited to go to Treehouse. She loves to sing, play freely with her friends in beautiful natural surroundings, receive the telling of fairy tales for soul nourishment, puppet plays, water color painting and the list goes on. It brings joy to my heart that childhood is held with such respect and reverence. And we each grow everyday in ways that we can continue and learn to bring our highest selves into all that we say, are and do. That we may do things worthy of imitation and that we bring an experience to the children that honors their wholeness and developmental readiness.”
Emily the truth is we are so blessed and greatful to have found YOU! I truly believe Noah has and has had the best teacher(s) in South Florida! It is of most important for us to surround our children with loving and kind people and that’s just how it has been from day one three years ago. Being part of something so special, intimate and amazing makes me think we must have done something great in life.
We you and we thank YOU! 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼
Rocio Arana
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