Emily FeldmanOn-Site Director ,  Lead Teacher, Kinder Extra Lesson Teacher  Emily is the founder of Treehouse Learning. She has been teaching for over 12 years in both public and private institutions. She uses progressive educational methodologies, including Waldorf and other cooperative learning models to foster a community of independent, creative thinkers and balanced, well-rounded human beings. Emily wanted to create a safe, loving atmosphere to support and encourage children’s natural ability to learn, grow and discover their true potential. She is the lead teacher and On-site Director responsible for day-to-day operations, scheduling, parent liaisons, payments and safety at Treehouse Learning.
Stephanie Hernandez  Kinder & Spanish Teacher, Handwork & Crafts Stephanie’s love for children began early on in life; volunteering for various children’s programs, and being a member of a childhood cancer foundation for the past 10 years. Committed to the soul development of each individual child, she is devoted to fueling and igniting each child’s heart through, nature, art, interaction and imagination.Her love for nature, adventure and background in visual arts and environmental studies make Treehouse learning the perfect place to combine her passions in a holistic and artistic way. Stephanie will be at the both locations where she will teach lessons in Painting, Gardening, Spanish, and Nature Crafts.

Daniel St. Juste

 Bluepercots Lead Teacher

Jillian Smith Yoga,  Gardening & Parent & Child Lead Teacher   Jillian Smith is a mother of two, animal activist, long time vegan, and all around nature lover. She has earned her AS in Landscape and Horticulture Technology with a College Credit Certification as a Horticultural Professional from Miami Dade College.  She is pursuing her BS in Dietetics and Nutrition.   Her experience includes an internship at Fairchild Tropical Botanical Garden Nursery and employment as a farmhand at Verde Community Farm and Market. Jillian completed her  Yoga certification in  2008 and since then  has taught private and group yoga classes to all ages. She lives to share her passion of yoga, organic gardening, and nutrition as a means to create health and harmony amongst her community and planet.
Haran Cantor  Woodworking Specialist   I began building, or “making” when I was the same age as many of the Treehouse students. My older brother and I started with constructing skateboard ramps.  Before I was Bar Mitzvah age the driveways and back yard of my parents’ home had held multiple generations of a fully-fledged skateboard park. Following my graduation from high school I worked many years with Actor’s Playhouse in Coral Gables, assisting in set construction.  Today, I am the Lead Metal Fabricator for a multidisciplinary design studio here in Miami.  I am thrilled at the opportunity to share with The Treehouse students the confidence and sense of achievement earned when a process is undertaken and a goal is achieved.  Transforming projects form plans and raw materials to their finished pieces will guide students among varied disciplines and through many arenas of conceptualization.  A culture of safety and planning will be cultivated, as I believe one should always, “measure twice and cut once”.  As a father of two, it is my greatest joy to share my knowledge with my sons and to see the light of wonder ignite questions and inspire my boys to seek knowledge. I am very much looking forward to getting started.
Adriana Abbade
PicWaldorf Principles and Extra Lesson Specialist

Waldorf Education Support is a developmental program that takes children through the natural development path through movement, arts and play, strengthening the basic capacities, which are the foundation for complex thinking and formal learning. Extra Lesson TM work targets mainly at developing:  Body Geography, Spatial Orientation, Early Movement Maturity, Sensorial Integration, Midline Integration, Dominance, Eye-Hand and Motor Coordination, and Rhythm and Harmonization.  And, since these are the foundations of executive function and cognitive capacities, the Extra Lesson TM work helps with academic difficulties in reading, writing and mathematics, as well as behavioral challenges.