Field Trips & Festivals

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Festivals _DSC9327 (1) Field trips
Michaelmas Local Farms
Autumn/ Harvest Festival  Little Haiti Cultural Center
Winter Solstice Arscht Center
 Spring Color Run play 5  Enchanted Forest
 May Day  Local Parks
Biannual Theater Performances Fairchild Garden


Nature field trips with The Nature Teacher Miss Christy


Virginia Key

Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park, the lighthouse, house and grounds then venture to Virginia Key to explore Seagrass Beds and aquatic life

Explore and learn about Biscayne Bays mysterious past, venture through the groundkeepers lighthouse and preserved house. Then we journey to Virginia Key to net in the seagrass beds, swim and explore the aquatic wildlife.



Swamp Walk ( Big Cypress)

Cypress Trees & Knees…Life in the Freshwater Wetlands, Big Cypress for an amazing swamp walk in the Oasis Dome!

A day trip to Big Cypress National Preserve…step into the heart of the everglades…immerse yourself in the beauty and tranquility of the ancient cypress swamps by stepping into the waters.



Swamp walk

Cypress Trees and Cypress Knees…Life in the Freshwater Wetlands. Down Loop Road to Gator Hook Strand. 

A trip to Ochopeee area (Tamiami Trail west) – a sense of wonder and adventure is encouraged for our road trip along the natural dirt road & a wet trip through the swamp…wet feet are required!


Everglades National Park South

Explore the southern reaches of Everglades National Park.  




Key largo

Life in the Maritime Hardwood Hammock and Coral Reef Beds of the Upper Keys.

A day trip to the Dagny Johnson and John Pennekamp State Park in Key Largo…Discover the rocky history of the upper keys or romp through the forest, climb the mangroves, and swim amongst the fishes.



26- Apr

 Jonathan Dickinson

Sugar Sand, Scrublands and Pine Forests…Life in the Upland Forests and Scrubs

Hike over the hills and through the woods as we explore the wildlife  and learn the basics of tracking while enjoying the natural beauty of south Florida.


Blowing Rock

  Nature Conservancy’s Blowing Rocks Preserve and Dubois Lagoon in Jupiter…

Discover the unique and rare beauty of the jutting Anastasia limestone rock formations, explore the shallows of the lagoons and search for critters…crabs, jellies, fishes, birds and MORE!