North Miami

Activities & Lessons are taught through Waldorf, Montessori &  Nature based methodologies which help bring to life a child’s imaginative and creative capabilities, while simultaneously preserving their childhood.


Woodwork and Gardening

Foreign & Sign Language

Baking & Cooking


During these classes children actively use their hands for good, enhancing their fine motor skills to create high quality wood and garden crafts, and organic vegetation. Lessons are taught weekly using songs, stories games and activities to make each lesson meaningful and impactful. (Spanish, Hebrew, Sign) Using organic ingredients, children create delicious unique vegetarian & vegan dishes during our baking and cooking classes. Math, Reading, History, Grammar & Cursive are taught through stories, songs and movement to keep your child engaged and learning throughout the entire lesson.

We provide a safe, stress free community for children to communicate effectively while simultaneously enhancing their social and academic skills through natural play. This allows a natural progression for each child  be creative, practice deductive reasoning & problem solving skills and organically enhance  their fine motor skills.

We use organic and natural toys and materials made from the highest quality ingredients. Pure beeswax crayons, highly pigmented and natural watercolor paint, wooden blocks, trains, wool and play silks.


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