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Treehouse Learning uses a variety of curriculums including Waldorf, Montessori and Project based learning to make each lesson memorable and fun. We pride ourselves on bringing education back to life for children and adults.

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Specifically we use Live Education, Enki, Montessori and student lead project based learning. Many lessons, especially in the younger grades, are Waldorf inspired  from either Live education, Oak Meadow, Lifeways or Enki. Each of these curriculums are found online. 

Each grade’s curriculum captures the essence of what would be taught in an American Waldorf or Montessori schools focusing on the main lessons in the morning and independent centers in the afternoon. Main lessons usually comprise the subjects English, mathematics, history, geography, physics, chemistry, and nature studies in grades 1-3; the latter is later divided into botany, zoology, and human studies.

Though the Live Education curriculum was written to be user-friendly for the Waldorf-inspired homeschool teacher, the curriculum is used by teachers in more than 100 Waldorf schools internationally.

Treehouse is registered as a Co-op with Live Education!
To this end, each family can purchase any complete K-8 curriculum package for a cost of $350.  All you need to do is Register with Live Education!, tell them you are a member of Treehouse Learning, and order your desired curriculum.

Curriculums include:

  • Live Education
  • Enki
  • OakMeadow
  • Christopherus
  • Project Based Educational Resources
  • Montessori