Annual Evaluations  

Yearly Evaluation

Intellectual growth is often defined as the measure of how individuals learn to think and reason for themselves in relation to the world around them. It is a culmination of a child’s academic, emotional and social progress.

Treehouse Learning believes  in actively monitoring a child’s intellectual growth and developing an individualized learning plan for each child. Teachers can monitor  and set personalized goals and expectations for each child.

Teachers informally assess by engaging children in critical conversations, interactive lessons, carefully observing and monitoring academic skill and social and emotional behaviors.

Teachers keep ongoing portfolio’s for each child that are updated regularly which include children’s yearly work and an evaluation about the child’s yearly progress from the teacher.

Minimal written formal assessments are given to upper elementary children.

Homeschool Parents can choose Treehouse Learning to assess their child for their required yearly evaluations. Please Call (754) 777-8064 to Schedule Your Child’s Yearly Evaluation Today!