About Us

Outdoor Learning

Treehouse learning is an authentic educational program for homeschool and private elementary age children. We provide individualized and unique activities and lessons to cater to your child’s needs making learning fun and memorable.

We are a non denominational program, our curriculum allows for an expansion of multiple subjects and specials. Here we are able to offer alternative classes, lessons, workshops and camps that teach not just academia but also core values on life, experiences and relationships among children and their environment.

Families from across south Florida choose to either supplement their home schooling or attend classes regularly with our private schooling option.

We began our journey as a Homeschooling Cooperative and have been growing ever since. We are unlike traditional learning institutions that focus on memorizing facts or teaching to a test.  Treehouse Learning offers part time lessons to homeschooling families as well as a private school option for those interested in full time enrollment.

Treehouse Learning is a resource for parents choosing an alternative education for their children. Weekly classes include: Gardening, art, drama, music, Spanish, Movement, Woodwork as well as core classes like Science, Math, Reading, Grammar & History & Culture.

Here we integrate progressive schooling methodologies  with core classes to allow for a natural learning progression.

Treehouse Learning is REVOLUTIONIZING EDUCATION and focusing on what is truly important, community, environmental awareness, a love for learning and the preservation of childhood.